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  • Cristen Phipps

Realty Bookings

I have a unique perspective in how realtor’s provide value for their clients. Handld has completed over 550 jobs where the objective was to be listing ready as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Here’s what I learned for how realtors can provide immense value to their clients:

1.     Assess Early

Make notes of the work that needs to be done (repaired/replaced/painted etc) to maximize value on the home - as soon as possible. Our partners have direct access to an Operations Manager who can send over Cost and Duration analysis.

2.     Be Up-Front

It’s important to outline and communicate the impact any handyman work will have on the homes value. Each work detail can be given options and the costs associated with each option. Our partners can reach us directly for this information. 

Tell the client what you are willing to cover and what they should cover to maximize value.

From my experiences, the process moves much more efficiently when agents transfer the costs directly to their clients.

3.     TEAM Approach

Amazing things happen with synergy! When there’s clear communication between realtor, client, and us - objectives are completed in the smoothest, most efficient means possible! 

Photos are immaculate and showings generate an electric buzz!

This learning experience would not have happened without the realtors we’ve been fortunate to work with; who I’ve seen first-hand go above and beyond for their clients! 

Looking forward to continual learning in making this process as smooth and efficient as possible!

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