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  • Cristen Phipps

Are you Handy?

Here's why you should be a Handlr

There are many handyman platforms (backed by massive amounts of venture capital) in the market right now. None of which have a founder who began by completing the jobs themselves.

Bed Assembly
Completing the first Handld booking - an IKEA Malm bed assembly.

My name is Cristen Phipps, and I’m the founder of Handld - the World’s Simplest Way to Book a Handyman. My story is simple:

One day a friend asked me for help to assemble her media unit. I will never forget arriving at her condo complex, looking up at her building - and thinking 'there has to be a hundred people right here that can do this'. It just needed to be organized with smooth and efficient systems and processes.

I'm not a software engineer, and at the time I had zero web development skills; I had to start by advertising my services on social media, and Kijiji; and going on the jobs myself. 

A friend/first Handlr completing a gruelling disassembly + move + reassembly of two IKEA PAX units.

I learned how to price jobs the hard way. On one occasion my friend and I spent 6 hours earning $35.00 each - because I thought moving and assembling IKEA PAX wardrobes was ‘straightforward’. Fortunately, we remain friends and he’s a good sport about it.

Throughout this process I learned what an organization has to provide its team, in order for them to deliver high quality, friendly, consistent service.

Handld continues to impress clients because I know first-hand the issues that come up on jobs, and I care deeply about the Handlr experience.

We're able to recruit great people to be part of our team, and our relationship is built on trust, respect, and integrity.

If you're handy, this is why you should be a Handlr:

Payout Details - Upfront

I hate hourly rates, and when it’s possible a fixed rate payout is issued on the ‘Open Job’ details. Hourly rates can sometimes punish the proficient, skilled Handlr when they're able to complete a job quickly and efficiently.

Instant Payout $

As soon as a Handlr completes a job, they receive the payout and have access to their funds right away.

Clear and Concise Communications

It can be frustrating and annoying to be answering questions from clients, while on a job.

Handlr’s receive clear work details, and all other requests/issues/feedback is taken care of by myself or someone else on the team. Handlr’s are able to complete jobs distraction free.

Our Clients

Over the years our network of repeat clients - wonderful people who prefer to use a local company, and give someone from their own community an opportunity to utilize their skills in earning an income.

The trust we've developed with our repeat clients (who often book without receiving the price) is a privilege I truly cherish.

We will never over-charge or under deliver - and we carry out our business with the utmost integrity. These values are shared by everyone on our team, and it has a profound impact on all of our operations.

If you're handy, have a great attitude, and would like to utilize your skills in earning an income in your spare time - please feel free to get in touch with me. - Cristen


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