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Welcome to Handld! Pronounced Hand.led :)

The simplest, most convenient way to book a Handlr (handyman) and have your work completed in the fastest, most efficient means possible.

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Founder Story

My name is Cristen and I have 14 years experience as a Toronto firefighter with over 6 years spent working with Toronto Fire senior management, mitigating large scale emergency incidents by developing and implementing systems and processes.

A little while ago a friend asked for help to assemble her media unit, and I will never forget arriving at the condo complex - looking up at the building and thinking there had to be a hundred people here alone who could do this, it just needed to be organized with smooth and efficient systems and processes.

Ever since then I've been obsessed with providing a way for people to have their work completed in the fastest, most efficient means possible; while providing opportunities for great people to utilize their skills in earning an income in their spare time.

Our Handlrs

Capable, Personable, Professional

Meticulously vetted, each Handlr completes two interviews, a police background check, and assessed to ensure we share the values of integrity and teamwork.

Every Handlr is experienced, qualified, and insured.

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Core Services

Some of our service offerings include: Furniture Assembly and Installations, Wall-Mounts, Painting, General Repairs and Maintenance.

We also offer our HOME PREP Service for realty, property management, and landlord clients.

For any and all types of inquires in how we can help you, please feel free to email us and we'll do our very best to organize and deploy a team to assist you.

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